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Fotografa donne incinte e neonai a Roma/Ostia

I left my Hungarian roots in Budapest and I moved to London for study, then in 2000 I came in Rome for love, where I settled down and since I’ve been living with my family. In couple of years I became a mom of three wonderful children, and nothing loath I interrupted my studies, my works and all the other things I was interested in. I dedicated my time exclusively for the family.


Meanwhile I often found myself to be captured by images: especially at home, in the streets, on holidays, anywhere.  I was need to fix what I felt, and I began to “shoot” but without any camera, I started photograph into me. Images entered my life, and crossed my soul every day, it was a sudden meeting between me and photography. I was framing all the moments in life in which I perceived emotions. In the streets, at home, on holidays, everywhere, I felt I needed to express and transform my feelings through pictures. I decided to study photography and I enrolled to a three-year digital photography course to improve the many technics, however during the evening lessons sometimes I was almost falling asleep of tiredness! One day I also got my first reflex camera as a present. So I started! 


After years of study, hard work and experiences, I discovered my passion for maternity photography. It’s a theme that I have been knowing very well. Every time I take photographs of pregnant women or newborns I live through again the many beautiful emotions of maternity and I just adore newborns, they are magic and exude a lots of energy.

I continuously devote time to studying, workshops and researching; currently I’m attending a course with analogue photography in black and white photo printing lab. I’m also addictive of black and white photography.


Scuole di Arte e Mestieri Roma, Scuola di Scienze e Tecnica  

Three years digital phtography course – 2014-2016

Analog photography course – 2016-2017


MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art – New York
Coursera – Seeing Through Photographs – 2016 


Maternity & Newborn Photography mentoring – Hajni Nagy – Egyetlenem – Budapest – 2017 


Newborn Art Mentoring – Lilia Kappa Photography 2018


Meg Bitton – Newborn Simple Studio Newborn photograpy workshop – 2018 


Veronika Marques – Fine Art Tecnis Mentoring – 2018

Le Mom Foto by  Timea Kainrath

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